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With a wide range of products in every niche, we aim to supply every item that a gay male would need to be safe, feel sexy and (of course) improve their sex life! We scour the world for the absolute best deals and buy in bulk to save our customers a ton of money with every order.

As many of us know, adult & gay stores can often be pricey and stock low quality items. We've aimed to buck the trend, delivering industry leading products at extremely competitive prices. And with free international shipping on every order, you'll never have to have an awkward encounter at the adult store again!

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Our history

In 2012, Gays+ started off as a Tumblr blog in the deep corners of the web. Amassing 50,000 followers over the span of a few years, the team built a small online family that is now the backbone of our company all these years later. It was not long after that the account was hacked and deleted, which in frustration prompted us to create our own website from scratch - and we called it the Gays+ Network. The minimalistic design allows users to watch their favorite R18 videos from sources like Pornhub, Xvideos and Xhamster designed for a new mobile-friendly web, and the website became the foundation of what is today known simply as Gays+, with retail and entertainment options reaching 97% of the globe.

After years of development (and many many spinoff brands) we had heard loud and clear what the people wanted: they want the best HD porn videos that will cost them $0.00. Oh, and they also want it to be third-party ad-free and super fast. Up until that point all of our websites were covered in ads and mediocre content (to say the least), so we tried something people said wouldn't work; we started our own gay-branded store as the new financial backbone of our sprawling web of networks.

Once we realised the explosive potential of what we had created, we slowly began the task of removing every single third-party ad from our websites - and replacing them with blank space, or sponsored items from the Gays+ Store.

Flash forward to 2020 and we haven't served a single third-party ad in over a year. Because of this store, and the tremendous support of our loyal fanbase, we have been able to deliver something that is unique in the industry: a free porn site with great content, which has no ads. Not only that, but the funds from our store help keep our servers running, which in turn serves over 1 million people with best-in-class porn every single week. 

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