10 Reasons to Buy From Gays+

10. Best sex shop for gay men in America and Canada

Gays+ is the premier sex shop in both America and Canada for gay men. We are an industry leader, and one of the fastest growing online sex toy stores. 

9. Quality over quantity 

While other sites stock thousands of sex toys, all products sold on Gays+ are tested for quality assurance. We believe in quality over quantity and therefore limit our catalog to the best available products for gay men. 

8. Quick order processing and fast shipping

Orders on Gays+ are processed within a few days after we receive your order. As a result, you get your order as fast as possible with minimal delays. We also ship worldwide.

7. Award winning Customer Service 

Our customer service agents work tirelessly to answer your questions in a fast and efficient manner. Have a problem with your order? Not sure what product is best for you? Shoot us an email or use our websites contact form.

6. Safe and secure shipping

Gays+ is hosted on the award-winning Shopify platform. This ensures all your data is secure. All your data is protected with SSL encryption, and the experts at Shopify work to ensure that the system is up to date with the latest security technology. Additionally, we do not keep any credit card details on hand, making it that much safer for you to shop.

5. Discreet billing

All orders are billed by GSTORE* to protect your privacy and minimize embarrassing encounters. You will NOT see Gays+ Store in your billing details. 

4. Discreet shipping 

Your orders ship discreet in a plain brown or white box, with only your name and address on the shipping label, ensuring your privacy is protected.

3. Support the LGBTQ community

When you shop at Gays+, you support LGBTQ business. As a gay owned and operated business, we take customer loyalty seriously. Additionally, we give back to the community in various ways whenever presented with the opportunity. 

2. Easy returns & replacements

Gays+ makes replacement easy. Simply contact customer service, and we will be happy to assist with any issues with a product you have purchased from us.

1. Authentic products

All products sold by Gays+ are genuine. No fakes, imitations, or cheap knockoffs. This ensures product safety and quality. You get what you pay for on Gays+.