1x Pinned Post 48H - 645K followers

1x Pinned Post 48H - 645K followers

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This promotion includes

  • 1x custom post of your choice, pinned to the top of @gaysplus, @cumblrplus, @loopgay and @gaysplusX for 48 hours. 625,000+ followers on all 4 accounts combined.

For this option, you can choose which video or photos you want us to attach to the Tweet. You can also write the caption, or if you like we can write it for you and get approval from you before we post it. Once it has been posted, it will be pinned to the top of all 4 pages for 48 hours.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, send us a message on Twitter with your order number. Your order number will only be generated after you place your order.

So, how does it work?

Our method is simple. Like many other large social media pages, there is always a cost involved with advertising your content to their followers. We’ve tried hard to make this process as streamlined, affordable, and as fast as possible for everyone in the gay porn community to be able to get their content in front of a huge audience with ease.

We have a quick 3 step process for all promotions on our page/s

  1. Purchase the promotion bundle that most interests you.

  2. Send us a message on Twitter with your order number. This will appear after you place the order.

  3. Depending on which promotion package you choose, we will discuss further with you on Twitter and get you to send us any information or content that is required to complete your shoutout.

We get results

We operate several large gay porn pages, which combined have a total of 625,000+ followers.

However, as many of you know - followers aren’t necessarily the most important part of getting a good return on any online promotion. What matters most are engagement rates, likes, retweets, links clicks, and getting new followers and subscribers.

That’s why we’ve already taken the time to use Twitter’s Analytics tool - which measures how many times a Tweet is viewed, liked, retweeted, or when a link on that Tweet is clicked - to give new partners an idea of what our statistics are before purchasing. You can view our engagement statistics here.

3,781 happy partners. And counting.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve shouted out over 3,781 people, with just about any advertisement you can imagine. We’ve worked with large film studios and pornstars, producers, online stores, OnlyFans creators, HIV awareness campaigns, livecam performers and more. Many of our partners have gone on to have massive success in the industry, and even won multiple awards. As the biggest and most experienced team in the business, we know how to deliver results for any campaign.

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